These music videos were originally released in 1998 on VHS, with classics and new titles on DVD from 2003 to 2007.

List of DVD Titles and Song Lists Edit

These DVDs were hosted by Dizzy Dana, her best friends, and the Mucha Lucha gang, with Dana wearing her tuxedo and top hat in the Looney Tunes and More and Camelot and her crimson Christmas ballgown and white glitter stilettos from 2005-2007.

Mucha Lucha Y mas! (Xmas 2003)

  1. La Cucaracha
  2. Mexican Hat Dance
  3. Chiapanecas
  4. All The Nations of the World
  5. All the Words In The English Language

The Quest for Camelot and More! (2004)

  1. My father's Wings (Kaylee)
  2. If I Didn't Have You (Devon and Cornwall)
  3. England Medley: Come Lads and Lasses/London Bridge is Falling Down
  4. Off to See the Wizard (Dorothy, The Lion, The Tin Man and The Scarecrow)
  5. Look at Me! I'm Robin Hood! (Camptown Races spoof)
  6. I Stand All Alone

Dizzy Dana the Movie (2005)

  1. The New WB Sing A Long Theme (The Cast and The Kids)
  2. Ease on Down the Road (Dana, Nathan and The Kids)
  3. Charleston (Donnie and Granddaddy)
  4. Fame (Dana)
  5. Rock Around the Clock (Donnie)
  6. Rockin' Robin (Anthony)
  7. Rocker Roodborst (The Cast)
  8. Rub Your Tummy/Aaj je bulkje (Donnie, Darry and Reynold)
  9. Peppermint Twist (Dana)
  10. If You Wanna Be Happy (Anthony)
  11. If You're Dizzy! (If You're Happy! Spoof, sung by The Kids)
  12. D, O, N, N, Y (BINGO spoof, sung by The Kids)
  13. Jingle Bell Rock (The Cast and Kids)
  14. Old Time Rock and Roll (Anthony)
  15. Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Jenny)
  16. Lucky (Sophie and Dana)


Dana's 10th Anniversary Celebration (2007)

  1. Season 1 Theme Song
  2. Season 2 Theme Song
  3. Season 3 Theme Song
  4. The Nifty 50s Song
  5. New Boy on the Block
  6. Santa, Give Me Computer Games for Christmas
  7. Computer Games, Computer Games
  8. Stop the Yelps for Help
  9. That's So Buena Theme
  10. Little Miss Language Jingle
  11. Uprock Rap