This is a Banana Splits band spoof. This children's pop-rock band from the 60's is for 4 years and older along with their parents.

Members of the BandEdit

  • Dingle "Ding"-a wolf who is Fleegle spoof that is a guitar-playing lead singer.
  • Ringer-a Bingo spoof that is a drumming monkey.
  • Saggy-a Cajun-accented spoof of Drooper on the bass. He's a tiger.
  • Sporky "Spork"-a rhinoceros who is a Snorky spoof who plays piano.

Songs They SingEdit

  • My Pal, Sidney (A My Friend Sammy spoof)
  • The La-Dee-Dah Song (Sophie's favorite song that is a Tra-La-La song spoof)

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