They are a group of 5 best friends who are kids' workout VHS and DVD stars, inspired by Freestyle Music Park's Flip Five. The target audience is kids up to 12.

Characters Edit

Twister-A blue-haired male with swirls on his outfit.

Dottie-A pink-haired female with a polkadot dress. Also spelled "Dotty."

Bopper-A purple-haired male with a "B" on his top.

Jumper-An orange-haired male with a "J" on his overalls patch.

Karla-A purple, black and blue-haired female with a starred outfit.

Videos Edit

It's Fun to be Fit! with Cool Exercises for Kids CD and cassette Part 1: Jammin' Jazz, Radical Rock n' Roll, Bubbly Broadway, Happenin' Hip-Hop and Sunny swing Part 2: Bodacious Ballet and Tuneful Tap

It's Super to be Strong with Sittin' in a Tree CD and cassette

Facts Edit

  • Reynold, Dana, Donnie and the gang love their VHSs and DVDs, even Nathan because he "needs to lose a few pounds".
  • Karla's real name is Hayden.


  • Theme Song
  • We Will Rock you
  • I love Rock and roll
  • I Want Candy
  • Walking on Sunshine
  • Kids in America
  • Charleston
  • You Spin Me Right Round
  • Fame
  • Theme song Reprise