This was billed as "the world's most interactive kids' live show." It was "NEVER the same show twice," encouraged the audience to jump into the action by shouting, singing and dancing, featured Broadway's "top-notch-est singers, dancers and other superstars" and played from 2002-2005 at Toronto's Humming Bird Center and Kidsville Chicago. DVDs of the shows as well as soundtracks were sold at little kiosks and are now being sold on eBay, Amazon, and KiJiJi along with a host of other merchandise. The all-star singers on the soundtrack were Nashville's DHR Kids and from 2002-2003, it had its original name, "The Adventures of Dizzy Dana Live," but from 2004-2005, it changed to "The Zany Adventures of Dizzy Dana."

Show Synopsis Edit

Dana and friends lead you on exciting journeys throughout Dizzy City!

Soundtrack Edit

  1. Waking Up Is Hard To Do
  2. Beep-Beep
  3. Wheels on the Bus
  4. Day O
  5. On Top Of My Pizza
  6. Hello Muddah Hello Fuddah

Singers Edit

Brandon and Cooper Green

The Richardsons (Dale, Maggie and Jacob)

Andy, Rachel and Paul Chapman

Jay, Rob, and Thomas Griffith

The Davis Sisters (Addie, Emma, Ellie and Arden)

The Stewart Sisters (Anna, Kelly and Kate)

The Dockery Kids (Brandon, Megan and Ellen)

The Peasalls (Hannah, Leah and Sarah)

The Rhoden Kids (Alex and Madeline)

Kyle and Kristine Keith

Olivia, Tate and Ivy (The Huesmann Sisters)