She is Dana's shy, girly friend voiced by Kari Wahlgren in the voice she used for Suzy on Phineas and Ferb. From Season 2 onwards, Britt McKillip used the same voice she used for Goldilocks on Dragon Tales.


Sophie is the girly-girl to Dana's tomboy. This girl has a loyal personality, and is always willing to help Dana when she gets a bit out-of-control. She's also extremely stylish and knows all the latest trends!


She has blonde hair worn up in a high, curly ponytail, purple eyes, and wears a pink and purple swirl shirt. Her pants are blue and green stripes and she wears dotted socks and windowpane checker shoes.


  • She prefers calling the Dizzy kids not just by their first names, but by their full nicknames (e.g. She calls Dana "Dizzy Dana" and not just "Dana").
  • Cotton candy is her favorite snack.
  • She is 9 years old.

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