This is a Junior Jazz song by Kirby Shaw from Cutie Idol sung by Dana. It is in the key of G Major.


Verse 1:

  • In the winter, walkin' to school!
  • 40 below and I am way-past-cool!
  • I'm wearing those shoes tied up with lace,
  • And then, a snowball hits my face!
  • I'm tried-and-true! I've got the School Yard Blues!

Verse 2:

  • All those schoolbooks in a 20-pound pack!
  • All this learning's goin' to break my back!
  • So much homework and too many tests!
  • Somebody help me! Please! Be my guest!
  • Boo, hoo, hoo! I've got the School Yard Blues!


  • Football, baseball, soccer, too!
  • What's a kid supposed to do?
  • Sports are great, but golly gee!
  • When will there be time for me?

Verse 3:

  • Cafeteria lunches on my plate!
  • It's just about impossible to watch my wait!
  • Pepperoni pizza, macaroni and cheese!
  • How 'bout some real food, if you please?
  • Get a clue! I've got the School Yard Blues!
  • I'm telling you! I've got the School Yard Blues!
  • Win or lose, I've got the School Yard Blues!
  • Oh, yeah!

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