This is a spoof of Shout Praises Kids, released by NatSo Gospel for Kids.

Albums Edit

Speaking to the Savior: Father, I Adore You!

Screaming to the Savior 2: Swapping Sins

Saying Praises 3: Jesus is Jamming!

Saying Praises 4: I'm the Big Guy's Buddy

Saying Praises 5: I'm Saved

Saying Praises 6: Inspirational Life

Saying Praises 7: Secrets to Share

Saying Praises 8: The Big Afternoon

Saying Praises Gospel Pops: Padlocks

Saying Praises Pops 2: Heaven is Hip!

Saying Praises Spirituals: Down By The Riverside

Fact Edit

This was originally yelling praises and screaming to the savior, but the names were "ugly," so they had to change them to speaking to the savior and Saying Praises.

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